• Timsa Structural Asset Solutions
  • Timsa Structural Asset Solutions
  • Timsa Structural Asset Solutions
  • Timsa Structural Asset Solutions


  • Timsa Investment are either serving or partnering to their customers in the management functions such as Sales, Marketing, Investment and Assets Valuation in order to cause their customers to reach measurable targets. We are offering innovative investment opportunities in Turkey. Our aim is to establish long-term partnership with institutions and individuals. We share the same vision with our customers through each and every investment to win together. We are able to serve our domestic and international investors throughout every step of the investment process.



  • Marketing and Sales
    We introduce your product portfolio to most relevant and reliable buyers to enable you take your sustainable place in the right markets.
  • Product Supply
    We cooperate with manufacturers from various sectors and provide right product with right price. We supply all kinds of products to potential buyers quickly and safely.
  • Market Research
    We provide consultancy services and market analysis for companies that want to expand to different markets and increase their sales volume.


  • Determination of Land Investment Strategies
    Location Advisory Services, Price Analysis, Bureaucratic Process Management, Legal Process Management
  • Managing Investment Process
    Conducting Market Analysis, Periodically Updated Pricing
  • Generating and Applying Investment Exit Strategy
    Reaching the Target Price (Marketing / Sales of Investment with Target Price), Sales Process Follow-up (Bureaucratic Process Management, Legal Process Management)


Yenişehir Mah. Baraj Yolu Cad. 36/2

Ataşehir / İstanbul

Phone: +90 216 290 32 90

GSM: +90 551 241 22 44

E-mail: info@timsayatirim.com

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